About Us

Our History

In 1994, after farming for a living for 14 years, Clarence got the notion for this business when a family friend pointed out the need for it. He began buying used and unwanted snowmobiles and storing them in his backyard in Edmonton. Through his weekly “wanted” advertisements in the Bargain Finder classified newspaper, people began calling him to ask him if he had parts for various snowmobiles. With the money he made from these sales, he reinvested in more snow machines and parts and so began Canadian Motor Sports. With the help of his wife, Donna, he developed a business plan, found a proper place to do business, and set up a company. On September 17, 1997, Canadian Motor Sports Salvage and Sales Ltd. was born.

  • Clarence

    Owner and founder of Canadian Motor Sports. Clarence is dedicated to helping and alleviating customers’ arduous searches for their hard to find parts and accessories.

  • Mike

    Journeyman Outdoor Power Equipment Technician; Recreational Equipment. Friendly and knowledgeable, Mike can help solve most any problem that comes up in these machines.